We Live And Breathe F-Bombs



Hands down, no contest. We've raised the industry standard for technical Midweight perfection. Mindfully developed by BlackStrap, VERSA is Breathable, Moisture-Wicking and contains 4-Way Stretch for optimum maneuverability. Versa is Quick-Dry, and has Odor-Free properties to keep you smelling fresh all while its hybrid construction is specially designed for maximum Thermal-Regulation to ensure your temperature stays in check in all conditions. Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel, Abrasion-Resistant, Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, Lens-Safe, and SpectraUV (UPF 50+) are all the reasons this is your go-to fabric.



Meticulously fabricated and strategically placed in critical areas of our garments to allow air movement where your body sweats the most. Designed to Moisture-Wick at a high degree keeping your temperature regulated so you can stay active longer.



All BlackStrap fabrics have been tested in accordance with Solar Light Company to ensure to ensure the highest rating in the market, 98% UV Protection (UPF 50+).



Unlike traditional fabrics, which trap sweat between the skin and your clothing causing you to feel hot and uncomfortable, BlackStrap's Dri-Flo system is a Moisture-Wicking technology designed to ensure your sweat evaporates from your skin allowing for optimal temperature regulation.