Snake Run Rally 2021

Snake Run Rally 2021

A fun, laid back, and inclusive event for the snowboard communities all over the state of Oregon. March 27th Bend, OR. Don't get Bit!

Rally'ers Brian Zager and Jonny Sischo

A crew of masked racers and happy spectators gathered in a patch of snowy woods in the shadow of Mt. Bachelor on Saturday, March 27th 2021 for this years Snake Run Rally. This much needed event brought together the Oregon snowboard community for a day of sun, turns, and socially distanced positive vibes.



The race started late in the 2019 season when they threw the very first event in the woods of Tumalo Mountain. Keeping a mostly stealth vibe to the planning, they were able to put together a 14 turn course and attracted around 60 riders to hike up into the woods and race. The event itself was a huge success which was further cemented by becoming an official qualifier race for the Dirksen Derby (held mid December at Mt. Bachelor). 

BlackStrap Artist, Ambassador and Women's winner: Janessa Bork

BlackStrap Artist and ripper Josh Ramp

The 2021 event held in an undisclosed patch of woods at the foot of Mt. Bachelor  proved to be a challenging course to the over 100 men and women. Luckily no blood was shed and lots of fun was had. Thanks to Brian, Jonny and crew for putting on the event!


The Trophies

The Fastest Men and Women



Mens open class:

1. Forrest Devore

2. Willis Grigsby

3. Chris Erickson

Women's open class:

1. Janessa Bork

2. Nora Beck

3. Rel Freidman

 Words by Tim Karpinski. Photos By Tim Karpinski and Justinn Demers. 

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