BlackStrap Park Crew Project Woodward Bachelor

Park Crew Project: Woodward Bachelor

The Woodward Bachelor park crew consists of highly devoted, passionate & talented shredders, including day crew members and snowcat drivers. They start each day at dawn in their morning meeting to talk about the conditions, safety, and what features were built overnight.

Woodward Bachelor Terrain Park Crew

From there they break off into groups, each group going to different parts of the mountain to get the multiple terrain parks ready for Bachelor’s opening. This means putting up all signage, fencing, flags and then going through with hand tools to smooth lips and buff out new features that went in overnight.

Woodward Bachelor Rail Feature

When the crew is raking features, they are making sure it's not only safe, but the feature is going to perform well and look clean. Rylan, the Woodward Bachelor terrain park lead, mentioned  "We use the term event ready. This means we want things to look like they would when an event is happening - like a slopestyle or a rail jam." This is important to Woodward Bachelor because having a crisp, clean feature adds to the guest experience and can also help the snowcat drivers out with maintenance and grooming during the night.

Woodward Bachelor Park Crew Member Raking Feature

The BlackStrap Park Crew Project gives terrain park staff the gear needed to stay warm and protected from the elements while working all day on hill. "Myself and my crew really appreciate and make good use of the Single Layer Tube featuring a custom Woodward Bachelor print.", says Rylan.

Woodward Bachelor Custom Single Layer Tube Neck Gaiter

"The Single Layer Tube is nice and light so it's good for a hot day and can also keep you warm on the cooler ones, as well." - Rylan

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