Meet Our Artist: Hannah Eddy

Meet Our Artist: Hannah Eddy

"I get my best inspiration when I’m out enjoying nature."

Hannah Eddy is an illustrator/muralist who grew up by the ocean in Maine but her love of the mountains brought her out West. She is currently based in Reno, NV nestled close to the mountains that she loves exploring. As a snowboard, skate, and surf enthusiast, her art is inspired by having fun, spending time in nature, and being kind to our planet and each other. She combines her love of illustration, design, painting, and murals with a diverse list of clients and collaborators.

What inspires your work?
I am inspired by so many things, but I get my best inspiration when I’m out enjoying nature. That’s where I can reflect on the world and our place in it.

Preferred medium / art-making process?
I’m an illustrator at heart so just some old fashioned paper and a nice pen will do the trick for me. I use my iPad and Apple pencil in a lot of my client work as well which is a super helpful tool. I’m also finding more and more enjoyment with spray paint these days as I start painting more murals.

Interests outside your art-making?
There are a lot of things I love to do, I’m definitely never bored. I love to play music and cook/eat good food. Skateboarding and snowboarding have been huge parts of my life since I was super young so some part of each day is usually filled with some sort of sideways sliding.

Daily routine? Morning person/night owl?
I absolutely love to go to bed early. A perfect night’s sleep is a solid 10 hours. I like to wake up and make art right away before breakfast, that’s when my creatives juices are really flowing. After breakfast ideally I’d be outside doing something enjoyable and then back to making art.

Future art / life plans / goals?
More murals I hope! I love the public art aspect and the fact that it’s out there for anyone to see. It’s such an amazing way to share ideas and spread positivity which I am all about.

Tips for aspiring artist/designers?
Honestly just create the things that make you happy and excited to get out of bed in the morning. The rest will be a success if you’re staying true to what you love!

One thing you cant live without / one thing you can live without?
I don’t think I could live without humor. Being able to laugh at things helps me so much. I could definitely live without humans taking things so seriously. Can you imagine how many problems it would solve if we all remembered that we are floating on a rock in space and we don’t even know why? When I think about that it just makes me want to keep doing things that make others and myself happy.

INSTA HANDLE: @hannaheddyart

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