Eastern Boarder's Last Call Finally Turns 20

Eastern Boarder's Last Call Finally Turns 20

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It took longer than 20 years for Eastern Boarder's year end celebration Last Call to turn 20, but that seems fitting for an event that was founded on the premise of having absolutely no structure or rules. On Monday, March 28, 2022, Loon Mountain, which has helped hone the contest into a can't miss event for more than the past decade, assembled a mind-bending, three-stage course on its Little Sister trail for the final party. 

Loon Mountain Eastern Boarders Last Call Connor Cavanagh
Connor Cavanagh with a rock to fakie on the wall - photo by Brooke Geery.

Despite the late spring date on the calendar, New Hampshire's mercury dropped to uncomfortably cold levels, but the snow remained smooth, fast and perfectly groomed and there was no concern about the features falling apart. To start the day, the 100 invited riders tested out their meniscus on the jump line, which offered various channel gaps and even some slide options for everyone to get creative. $200 bonus dollars were offered up for the best laid out backflip, which went to Timmy Sullivan. The overall jump section winner was Miles Fallon.

Loon Mountain Eastern Boarders Last Call Atehna Comeau quarterpipe Method
Athena Comeau throwing out a huge tweaked method on the quarterpipe - photo by Randolph Spitzer.

Next, the rail section bewildered photographers with no shortage of angles, but was deftly navigated by the riders who switched it up between classic down rails and kinks, stair sets creepers, a roller coaster rail, a massive Oakley logo and final wall ride with a c-rail and downbar on either side. Rob Roethler was awarded the bonus cash for the mystery side hustle for his most-impressive handplant on the wall and Justin Kipilla took top honors in this section. 

Loon Mountain Eastern Boarders Last Call Oliver Countarino Rail
13 year-old, Oliver Contarino, 50-50ing over the log pile - photo by Brooke Geery.

After two heavy sessions, lunch was in order and the competitors enjoyed hot dogs and chili and then many opted to warm up in the Bunyan Room, where Fat Tire was on hand with a wheel to spin for free beer! It could have easily been over, but alas, no Last Call would be complete without a session on the massive quarterpipe. It hadn't warmed up, at all, but that didn't stop people from sending it and Storm Rowe scored $200 for the highest air while Sumner Orr was named the Quarterpipe section winner.

Loon Mountain Eastern Boarders Last Call quarterpipe big air
Connor Cavanagh blasting huge air off the quarterpipe with a frontside grab  - photo by Brooke Geery.

The judges set out to do their tabulations while everyone else headed back to the bar. At the stroke of 4:20, the rest of the cash was awarded. BlackStrap ambassador Connor Cavanagh got to add his name to the official mini chainsaw after being deemed the day's "Hardest Charger" and the overall podium looked like this:


  1. Ty Schnorrbusch
  2. Lauren Tamposi
  3. Athena Comeau 
  4. Kaleah Opal 


  1. Jed Sky
  2. Zeb Powell
  3. Joey Okesson
  4. Jack Kohan


Words and photos by: Brooke Geery (@blowermedia)

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