Dirksen Derby 14: "I Feel A Feeling I Forgot"

Dirksen Derby 14: "I Feel A Feeling I Forgot"

Each year, 500 racers from around the globe descend on Mount Bachelor in Central Oregon to laugh, hoot, holler and raise money for a ton of amazing local charities. For Dirksen Derby 14, we were fortunate enough to be on snow for all the fun, side bets and flat out technical turns that the two hand dug courses offered up.

Given the two year gap since the last in-person Derby, the 2021 gathering really reinforced the things about Derby weekend that resonate so deeply with our snowboard family. The live, in-person sound of our friends' laughter, the smiles on their faces, the stoke that vibrated out of the nearly 500 competitors for whom sliding sideways on snowboards is more than just an activity but an expression of their personal being.

Also, the sense of collective good and social power that comes from raising funds for people who share our same passion for winter, but maybe don't have the same ability to enjoy it. Individuals like Tyler and the participants of OAS.  Plus, the fact that mother nature came through with enough snow to build the course right before the race seemed like a stroke of true good luck. 

There's nothing like watching truly talented turners grease the course with the smoothest style and wicked fast speed to remind you that there's always another level of riding and stoke to unlock. Even if you're not the fastest, just being there and getting to race is a full on win!

"I spent the whole weekend saying "I feel a feeling I forgot"...and it was good! I've been covering the Derby since 2009...Derby 2 or 3 I think." - Jon Tapper

Dirksen 14 photo essay by Jon Tapper (@tappoix).

The Dirksen Derby 14 - a community gathering of boarders. 


The stoke was high with Marissa Krawczak (@marissakrawczak), Josh Dirksen (@joshdirksen), and Janessa Bork (@intonature). 


Randal Seaton (@randalseaton) is a carving master - always focused on linking and executing his next turn.


Willis Grigsby (@willisgrigsby) and owner of Snowsurfs flowing through turns in style.


Kids of all ages also take part in this iconic derby gathering - molding the next generation of banked slalom boarders.


Janessa Bork (@intonature) charges the course with speed and power. Janessa also designed the Dirksen 14 poster art!


The racers were hyped that mother nature dumped some fresh power for the second day of the derby, making conditions extra playful.


Josh Ramp (@mothersworry) railing his turn with speed.


Dev Gupta (@transsnowboarder) is a boss for coming in 1st in her division. 


Learn more about the Dirksen Derby and find the 2021 results at dirksenderby.com.

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