Dirksen Derby 12

Dirksen Derby 12

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To most, the second weekend of December is just another weekend in the frivolous countdown to Christmas. To the snowboarding community, this time of year means far more than that. In fact, most rider's anticipation for the night when some fat man is supposed to squeeze his way into your house to load you up with more material goods is heavily overshadowed by the arrival of one of snowboarding's greatest events. 

For the last 12 years, minus the infamous gap year, the Dirksen Derby has successfully brought together thousands of fellow boarders and friends to our local hill, Mt. Bachelor, for a weekend packed with fast lines and good times. Everyone from local riders Randal Seaton, Jonny Sischo and Janessa Bork to the occasional Travis Rice and Mark Landvik show up for this ultimate celebration of snowboarding benefitting Tyler Eklund.

BlackStrap and a group of our local Athletes have been fortunate to take part in this sacred event for many years, so this season we wanted to share with you this exclusive experience. Follow along for a look into the Dirksen Derby 12 with imagery from photographers Jon Tapper and Trevor Lyden. 

Proper line etiquette displayed by Jonny Sischo and Randal Seaton. - P. Jon Tapper

Janessa Bork waxing up for Dirksen Derby 12
A solid wax and tune is customary at the top of the course. Janessa Bork following suit and keeping her wax dialed. - P. Jon Tapper

Randal Seaton absolutely railing on Red course. - P. Jon Tapper

Marissa Krawczak staying high (on berms).

Top of the course with Johnny Sischo, you can feel the nerves through the screen.

Johnny holding it together on a Green Course doozie. - P. Trevor Lyden

BlackStrap employees Jim Sanco and Thomas Carpenter had the honor of racing again this season and lets just say bragging rights were claimed. - P. Trevor Lyden

When Jon Tapper isn't snapping legendary photos of the event, he's greasing left turns on Red course. - P. Trevor Lyden

Watching the sitski division is never short of inspirational. - P. Trevor Lyden

The locals (pictured Iain Smith) always show up and lay down some fas times. - P. Trevor Lyden

Jonny Sischo got a little chilly of waiting in lines and found a spot to warm up in the sun. - P. Jon Tapper

Elijah cornering his way into First Place. - P. Jon Tapper

Elijah bringing home the bacon in the Grom's division and earning himself another spot in the Legendary Baker Banked Slalom.

DD12 Results:


  1. Harry Kearney
  2. Travis Rice
  3. Felix Dallaire


  1. Desiree Melancon
  2. Colleen Quigley-Voutilainen
  3. Marie-France Roy


  1. Martin Ciszek
  2. Jacob Huntsaker
  3. Mitch Kirby


  1. Hannah Eddy
  2. Kelsey Boyer
  3. Gillian Andrewshenko


  1. Che Contreras
  2. Tim Rechetniak
  3. Jake Price


  1. Marni Yamada-Entrop
  2. Amy Eichner
  3. Shannon Downing


  1. Justin Mooney
  2. Billy Anderson
  3. Adam Haynes


  1. Tom Burt
  2. Sean Aiken
  3. Kristian Jamieson


  1. Sharon Carlson
  2. Julie Brown
  3. Michelle Tullis


  1. Mac Malkoski
  2. Milo Malkoski
  3. Chad Carlson


  1. Cali Carlson
  2. Cali Loeb
  3. Tate Harkness


  1. David Kinney
  2. Mike Beaulieu
  3. Terry Luzier


  1. Elijah Pyle
  2. Chet West
  3. Wyatt Cline


  1. Zeia Rose
  2. Lila Yeoman
  3. Kaylie Neal


  1. Matthew Laboda
  2. Taylor Torcom
  3. Max Schubert


  1. Jeffrey Anderson
  2. Andee Schader
  3. Violet Henderson


  1. Anna Soens
  2. Gabe Rousseau
  3. Tyler Eklund

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