My Central Oregon // Donation Feature

My Central Oregon // Donation Feature

Blackstrap is the leading USA Made face mask company.  Featured on Forbes, Rachel Ray and various Action Sports outlets we are proud to provide the highest quality of service, products and operational initiatives surrounding sustainability and minimizing our footprint as an outdoor company.

"Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) provides healthcare access to over 1,200 medically uninsured or critically underserved members of our community. VIM’s patients have limited access to much-needed resources such as masks. Thankfully,  BlackStrap donated 250 masks to VIM through their Civil Mask Program.

When the pandemic hit, VIM’s charitable pharmacy began providing mail order medications for patients. Since the clinic received the BlackStrap masks, our staff have been including two masks with each medication mailing.

Patients that come into the clinic are also provided with masks for them and their families, as a way to keep themselves and others safe while doing grocery shopping and other essential tasks in the community. Patients have already been calling in to say how grateful they are to receive their masks!"

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